How to update the R3FileGenerator library for the 2014 Contribution Schedule


1.      Get a copy of the library file thru either of the following means:

·         By asking for a copy of the library file from the SSS branch processor

·         By downloading the library file from the R3 page


2.      In your computer, replace the old library file with the new file using the following procedure:

·         With the program closed, go to the R3FileGenerator working folder or where  the r3filegen.jar is located

·         Go to the image subfolder

·         Replace the old library.dat with the newly downloaded file

·         Open the program to test if update was successful



If program fails to run properly after update, please follow the following procedure to reinstall the program while retaining your data:

  1. With the program closed, perform a manual backup by copying your data files: er.dat, eeDB.dat, and r3File.dat from the folder where your existing r3filegen.jar is located into a backup folder ( e.g., D:\R3BackUp\ )
  2. Download the R3FileGenerator from the R3 page of the website or get a copy from an SSS branch processor
  3. Install the newly-downloaded program in a new folder ( e.g., D:\NewR3\ )
  4. With the program closed, copy the er.dat, eeDB.dat, and r3File.dat from the backup folder into the new folder where your newly-istalled r3filegen.jar is located
  5. Open the program/r3filegen.jar to check if your data was properly restored