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Disability Benefit


A member who suffers partial or total disability with at least one monthly contribution paid to the SSS prior to the semester of contingency is qualified.

Partial Disability

A complete and permanent loss or use of any of the following body parts, but which does not totally prevent a member from engaging in any gainful occupation.

one thumb
one index finger
one middle finger
one ring finger
one little finger
hearing of one ear
hearing of both ears
sight of one eye

one big toe
one hand
one arm
one foot
one leg
one ear
both ears

Permanent Total Disability

  1. complete loss of sight of both eyes;

  2. loss of two limbs at or above the ankle or wrists;

  3. permanent complete paralysis of two limbs;

  4. brain injury resulting to incurable imbecility or insanity; and

  5. such cases as determined and approved by the SSS.