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A cash benefit granted either as a monthly pension or a lump sum amount to a member who becomes permanently disabled, either partially or totally

Qualifying Conditions

The member has paid at least 1 month of contribution before the semester of disability

To qualify for a monthly disability pension, he/she must have paid at least 36 monthly contributions prior to the semester of disability.

If with less than 36 monthly contributions, he/she is granted a lump sum amount.

Amount of Benefit

If qualified, the member is granted a monthly pension, plus a P500 monthly supplemental allowance

The minimum monthly Disability Pension is P1,000 if the member has less than ten (10) credited years of service (CYS); P1,200 if with at least ten (10) CYS; and P2,400 if with at least twenty (20) CYS.

Plus P1,000 additional benefit, effective January 2017

Other supporting documents may be requested depending on your claim.