Business Development Loan Facility

  1. Eligible Borrowers

    The eligible borrowers shall be new or existing private industries and enterprises including registered Barangay Micro Business Enterprises (BMBEs) with the following qualifications:

    1. Single proprietorship, Partnership or Corporation, as least 60% Filipino owned, including cooperatives and non-governmental organizations;

    2. Engaged in any business activities allowed/registered under the Philippine laws such as but not limited to the following:

      1. Agri-Business - contract growing, aquaculture
      2. Food Processing - rice mill, oil  mill, feed mill, meat processing, etc.;
      3. Manufacturing - garment, ceramics, textile, furniture, construction materials
      4. Commercial Production - particularly of food and basic consumer items and products for export
      5. Service-Oriented Enterprises - transportation, warehousing, utilities, communications, etc.
      6. Tourism Related Projects - hotel, resort, theme park, etc.
      7. Real Estate Development Projects - industrial estate development
      8. Sustainable Energy Projects - construction of green building, waste management system, sewerage treatment plant, etc.
      9. Extractive Industries - mining, quarrying, dredging, oil and gas extraction projects
      10. Forest Development Projects - plantation, reforestation, regeneration and other forest related projects
      11. Trading Business
      12. Leasing/Lending Business

    3. Have proven track record of profitability for existing enterprises; provided that if the company incurred losses in any year during the past three (3) years, the average income of past two (2) or three (3) years should be positive.  The three (3) year track record of profitability may be waived for enterprises which started operations during the last five (5) years.  In any case, the borrower should be able to justify projection of viable operations with debt-equity ratio not exceeding 3:1 after financing; and

    4. Must be an SSS member-employer in good standing.

    The borrower is also subject to other criteria and policies which the Social Security Commission may impose from time to time.
  2. Loan Purposes

    The loan may be used for the following purposes:

    1. Site development;
    2. Enhancement or modernization of existing facilities;
    3. Construction or repair of building and other civil works;
    4. Acquisition or repair/upgrading of machinery and equipment including furnishings;
    5. Acquisition of existing facilities;
    6. Acquisition of land (up to 50% of the acquisition cost); or
    7. Working capital